It's my birfday!

Darlings! It's my birthday today and I'm going to try to enjoy it for all it's worth! Just for the record, La Diva is not one of those narcissistic people that expects everyone to remember her "special" day like a militant brat that extorts gifts and accolades from weary friends who are bullied into celebrating! (I love shoes, flowers, purple and fine gemstones, by the way!) However, I do like to spend my day with good friends doing something pleasant that usually involves drinking some sort of sparkling and eating something naughty, decadent and chocolate-y!

Except this year I feel differently. This birthday is not one I really feel like celebrating. Why? Cuz it's one of those "6" birthdays. And, as we all know, a "6" birthday is a quick and slippery slope down to one of the "0" birthdays! (It seems like only recently I had one of those nasty "0" birthdays!) So, to put that repugnant thought out of my mind, I'm off to shop for some clothes for my upcoming trip to Oz! (and in a masochistic way, I'm not quite sure how pleasant THAT will be either!)

So, darlings, get the champers ready for me, I'm going to need a LOT of it! Ciao for now!


Fabulastic said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a fabulastic day!

MJ said...

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Fabulastic spilled the birthday beans.

thombeau said...

Have a fabulous day, you fabulous bitch!!!


The Java Junkie said...

There is not much that shopping won't heal, Diva! Happy, Happy to you (and I hope you found many fabulous things and got them all AT HALF PRICE!!!!)!

LaDivaCucina said...

Thank you darlings! Nice to have such lovely friends! Lx