La Diva does South Beach Food & Wine After Party

The gorgeous pool at the Raleigh Hotel, South Beach

Darlings, La Diva is having a busy weekend and since it's her birthday as well as the South Beach Food & Wine festival, is out and about and frankly, not cooking (or blogging!) very much at all! Thursday night I attended the Cruzan Rum After-Party hosted by Tyler Florence and presented by Modern Luxury Media at the fabulous South Beach deco hotel, The Raleigh. (see photos on my Facebook page) What a hoot! Even more so because La Diva went for free!

The event looked lovely, thanks to Media Stage Production company, who did all the production including a giant spandex video screen stretched across the massive pool! On the sand back near the beach, Tyler was working hard mugging for photos with foodie fans while another chef served up his "ultimate" paella from a HUGE paella pan that must have been at least four feet wide. Seafood was the theme of the party and served in variety of styles from a handful of top local restaurants including Joe's Stone Crab, Escopazzo and Trump International Resort.

I also ran into Mario Batali's sous chef and fellow Iron Chef competitor, chef Anne Burrell. She told me she's currently filming more episodes of her Food Network show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, and they should be airing shortly. Food Network's Guy Fieri was spotted too but I was having too much fun on the sand to try to track him down.

Also of interest to La Diva was a table of the Italian aperitif Aperol, which is very similar to Campari. La Diva LOVES Campari as it has an herbal bitterness that I enjoy (go figure!) and found the Aperol to be quite similar in taste but slightly sweeter. They were serving it with prosecco and with half of the alcohol content of Campari, La Diva thought it would make a lovely and light drink for brunch.

Besides tasting all the excellent seafood samples from local restaurants, La Diva was having a ball meeting and talking to all the foodies and promoting La Diva Cucina. However, one Broward man in particular was testing La Diva's patience and is truly the reason the word "wanker" was invented! Boorish and uppity, this overbearing creature was exuding all the benefits of "foam" (yes, darlings, the "foam" was all over the festival this year!) and trying to have a culinary "pissing" contest with me!

(Darlings, La Diva hardly thinks this sparkling needs anything to improve its taste and texture but can't think of a better way to utilize "the foam!")

Broward Boor: "The other day, I made a confit of pig cheek with a demi-glace and topped it with fois gras I bought off the Internet"! Looking him sternly in the eye, La Diva said: "Yesterday, I made home made pasta with flour from Publix." He glared at me with superiority! I glared back. La Diva just loves a bit of verbal karate with these snarky snobs! After all, La Diva isn't buying into that silly trend of "molecular gastronomy." La Diva is all about REAL food, REAL portions and REAL satisfaction. (Sorry Ferran Adrià!) Although I think it's highly creative (and silly!) expensive little science projects passing off as food DOES NOT FLY with La Diva!

Well, darlings, I hope you enjoyed my festival report. I must get thee to thy beach now, La Diva has a LOT of people to promote La Diva Cucina to! Ciao!

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thombeau said...

Birthday? You still have those???

HAPPY HAPPY, darling!!!


The Java Junkie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! (Did the foamy beach boor happen to have a headful of bushy over-producted hair???)

And a birthday? As my daughter used to say - Happy to you!!!

LaDivaCucina said...

This guy actually resembled Stephen Colbert! I had a blast talking to the boor. The more "high end" he crapped on to me, the more "low end" I became. It was fun to infuriate him!