PLEASE DIG DEEP for the Australian bushfire victims

Darlings, La Diva wants to get serious for a minute. I want you to know that I have more than an affinity for Australia or Australians. I've been married to two Aussies, have many friends and family there, I carry an Aussie passport and call Sydney my second home. I lived there for years and have experienced bush fire season, have seen the devastation from fire and felt the fear firsthand. So, the disastrous fires over there have really hit me in the heart and have hit hard. The recent fires in Victoria have been catastrophic and one of the worst things to happen to the good people of Australia for decades. The death toll is now over 200 and rescuers now have the grim task of searching the homes for victims.

As I know many of you are so kind and generous, I'm providing a link to the Red Cross so that you may donate CASH to help those that have lost their homes and everything dear to them. It is the OFFICIAL charity of the Victorian bushfire appeal and every last cent goes to help the victims. There has been plenty of donations of clothing, food and toys and the Red Cross is requesting cash donations now. Please, darlings, DIG DEEP and give to help out those less fortunate. Thank you.


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IndypendentOne said...

Oh those pictures are so sad...all because of those arsonists too!