'Straya bound: The makings of a perfectly FABULOUS holiday!

Click on the photo darlings to see what's REALLY IMPORTANT about Australia: their wine-growing regions!

One must be comfy for the 13 hour + flight to Sydney from Los Angeles!

What I HOPE doesn't happen on the flight over there!
What I'm CERTAIN will happen on the flight over there!

Ahhh, back again after six and a half long years!

DJ Nevah L8 and La Diva will be seeing their rellies and friends for the first time in years!

Yeah, Sydney, here we come!!!

Bondi Beach at sunrise...we'll be getting into Sydney just in time for a nice Aussie breaky!

And then from there, you KNOW the drinking will start!
(one must celebrate one's homecoming, after all!)

Yep, this looks about right: some lovely gal pals in all their LUSH-cious glory! Reminds La Diva of HER friends back in Sydney!

Just a teaser: Sydney rock oysters. Check out my food porn blog post tomorrow!

That 'roo will be swillin' a Fosters or VB, mate, not a yank Budweiser!!

La Diva LOVES her Aussie wine.....mmmm...I'm going to drink buckets of it!

Weeeeeeeeee! The refreshing Pacific ocean!

(Photo credit Daniele Mattioli) 

The cliffs at Curl Curl beach on the North Shore, one of our fave beaches.

To avoid becoming a sharky snack, it's best to swim in the rock pools at sunrise or sunset!

We broke, time to go back home!

Buh-bye now!!!

Meet me here tomorrow, darlings, for my last post before we leave for Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. I'm going to tempt you with some Australian food porn! G'day, loves!
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thombeau said...

Wow, you really are "homesick", aren't you!

I'm soooo excited for you and the hubby!!!

LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks, Thom, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Java Junkie said...

Have a great time, Diva! Eat some oysters for us!!

LaDivaCucina said...

Will do, darling! Thank you and have fun with the Sunday dinner game!