'Straya bound: Sydney food porn...mmmmm...Part ll

Big Daddy Carlos and Ava, owners (and wonderful friends) of the groovy Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood

G'day, darlings! La Diva is LOVIN' Los Angeles and had a fabulous time last night catching up with pals at the the uber-hip gothic Mexican restaurant and ultra-lounge, the Velvet Margarita, drinking pomegranate margaritas and eatin' some REALLY FINE Mexican specialties. (like their home-made chicken tamales, made from grandma Lupita's recipe!) More about that later, for now, I have to post stat as I've got a date with friends to hike at Franklin Canyon!

La Diva wants to continue on to Part ll of Sydney food porn! (can't believe I'll be there in a mere 24 hours!)

Sydney has a wonderful Chinatown but La Diva and DJ Nevah L8 enjoyed wonderful dee-lites from all over the world just down the street from their little cottage in Marrickville, an inner-west suburb. One of our fave places was Mr. Chao BBQ bar! Sometimes, La Diva would pick up a roast duck after work from Mr. Chao, and make a decadent and divine Thai red curry! Mmmm....

Succulent roast duck, ready to eat

Char sui pork was another favorite

Of course, one who lives in Sydney does not escape the pleasure of devouring a doner kebab, usually late into the evening and after a night of heavy boozing at the pub. Similar to a gyro or wrap, La Diva would relish the lamb kebab with lashings of tahini, yogurt and chili sauce! Many of these stands are located conveniently right outside the pub!

And since we are talking about late night gastronomic indulgences, we can't forget the ultimate food porn snack: the Aussie meat pie! Harry's Cafe De Wheels is down on the water atKings Cross and is PACKED with revelers and tourists alike and is busy from the time it opens in the morning to late into the night!

La Diva likes her pies with mash, mushy peas and gravy: it's a meal all in one!

Full of lovely meat, gravy and flaky crust, the meat pie is also a perfect hangover food!!!!

The Aussie meat pie is considered the NATIONAL DISH of Australia!

Well, darlings, hope this gets you salivatin'! We're off to the canyon now and not quite sure when I'll be online again! But, enjoy, darlings, La Diva looks forward to catching up with you real soon! Ciao for now, darlings!


The Java Junkie said...

Lawdy Ms. Diva, that char sui looks divine! I'm really loving the food porn!!

Enjoy your trip!

Big Shamu said...

Doggoneit, I HAVE to remember not to hit this blog before lunch. How the hell am I supposed to choose what to eat now???

Fabulastic said...

First of all: great pictures, Darling. Yesterday I had in an Irish restaurant and dinner in a Greek one... I'm starting to feel like an (I'm so ashamed to say it...)American! Not only am I over feeding myself but also I got keen on typical food....

It's back to dinitel and water again I believe...

By the way, enjoy your trip (hope it's first class.. don't settle for less)