Dim Sum Sunday Child's Play: 'Nana pancakes 'n' sausage nom nom

This photo is La Diva having fun with the photo program! Golden buttery psychedeliciousness: Simple double banana pancakes for Sunday morning breaky.

Darlings, you KNOW how La Diva feels about kids.....she loves them! (in small doses!) Actually, being such a kid myself, I get along quite well with children. However, if they are obnoxious and misbehaving, La Diva will tell 'em to "knock it off" just like I would to anyone else not acting fabulous. La Diva totally believes in the "it takes a village" philosophy about kids, all adults (except the village idiot, of course!) should be their teachers and be responsible for molding them!

Karmic Kitchen's Dim Sum Sunday challenge was to create your fave kids dish OR a favorite childhood dish and La Diva was not going to let this pass just cuz I don't have any little ankle-biters myself!

Now, La Diva has very fond memories of actually coming home for lunch in the first grade and watching the Galloping Gourmet on television with my mother while I happily munched on peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches (on white bread) with a hot bowl of the reliable classic Campbell's tomato soup. I know peanut butter and mayo sounds like a weird combo, and to tell the truth, I don't eat them anymore, but I sure did love eating them as a kid. But seeing as I lost my mother to cancer only a few years later, I hang on to that memory like a baby clutching it's first piece of candy! Our time together on this planet was short and sweet.

So, I thought about what else I could make for the challenge and came up with double banana pancakes.

Ok, I'm lying.

Truth of the matter is, La Diva has house guests (again)-and-haven't-even-had-time -to-scratch-my-ass-let-alone-even-contemplate-this-challenge-and-besides-we-are-going-to-the-bar-for-burgers-for-dinner-later-and-when-I-went-to-make-breakfast-Sunday-morning-I-found-I-had-only-one-egg-left-for-breakfast-for-three-adults-and-you-just-know-how-La-Diva-LOATHES-going-to-any-grocery-store-on-Sunday-and-I-had-the-loveliest-little-sugar-bananas-that-were-begging-to-be-eaten-so-I-thought-pancakes-of-course! And, what kid doesn't love banana pancakes?!

Besides, I had two big kids I had to feed, my sidekick DJ Nevah L8 and my lanky, always ravenous nephew who's only 21 himself! Better get to work!

When making the usual pancake batter, I put two small mashed bananas in the bowl with a teaspoon of vanilla and a bit of sugar. I took the sugar bananas and served them sliced with pure maple syrup and a bit of powdered sugar. I also fried up a side of saussos that the big fella picked up from the convenience store downstairs. If La Diva was not so darn adamant about REFUSING to go to the grocery on Sunday, we would have had a better choice than the pre-cooked, weird texture kind of sausage, but they did in a pinch and no one was complaining. They still exuded their spicy, meaty, greasy goodness!

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What is YOUR fave childhood meal, darlings? La Diva wants to know! cooking class, cocktails, parties, cocktail party, Miami, coral gables, events, bartending class, cocktail class, Laura Lafata, Miami Beach, miami cooking classes, bachelorette parties, bachelorette party


Jill said...

My mother used to make pork chops in a tomatoe sauce with slices of lemons on top. Sounds weird, but it's one of my favorite childhood memories. My Dad used to make THE BEST cinnamon (sp?) toast for me on the weekends. Oh, nostalgia!!

Big Shamu said...

Hmmmm breakfast. Breakfasts of my childhood were a many splendored thing. Love the pancakes. Did you actually have enough for everyone AND the lanky nephew? Really isn't it like inviting the locusts into the house?

Now why is it, and I'm not questioning you specifically, but why is it when pancakes are served it seems like sausage is served more often as the side meat instead of my beloved bacon?

Dani said...

Yummy! I love nothing better than banana pancakes in the morning.

Hmmm...fave childhood meal? I'd have to say my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup. It was the best thing ever!

BobbyinATL said...

My grandmother used to make homemade biscuits and tomato gravy. Out in the country when cash was tight (which was usually the case), she could always pull together fresh (or jarred) tomatoes, a little grease and wella! Tomato gravy! I still crave it to this day!

LaDivaCucina said...

Jill, your mum's dish sounds a tad Mediterranean! Anything with lemons and tomatoes is divine!

Ok, Sham, here's the deal: I used to hate bacon. I admit it. Don't hate me. Cuz I LOVE it now. I do. I just prefer the cut of bacon in Australia, much more meaty, I don't like fat. I'm like Jack Sprat, I cut off meat before I eat fat. So, after learning to LOVE bacon in Australia, I gave American bacon another chance. I love it and pancetta, prosciutto. But I prefer sausage, esp. with the maple syrup!

Dani, nothing beats home made chicken soup. Nothing!

Bobby, How come I never met your mom? Sounds like we need to spend some time in the kitchen with her before those recipes get lost! Isn't it funny how we sentimentalize over food? mmmm....thanks, kids, I love your comments.

LaDivaCucina said...

Sham, I meant to tell you that it's not really fat i hate, it's the TEXTURE! If the fat is ground up in suasage, that is totally do-able! haha!

Boxer said...

Funny, I miss nearly nothing of eating meat, except bacon. Diva, are you going to participate in the upcoming Culinary Throwndown of PEANUTS? Inquiring minds want to know.

LaDivaCucina said...

I'm a bit bummed about the peanut challenge as I made some kick-ass Thai food last weekend for a dinner party that had peanuts. It's a bit rich so won't be making it again any time soon but I did take some piccies. I might still participate based on that dinner.

I have to say that vegetarian bacon cracks me up! Have you had that?

Buzz Kill said...


I like the chunky fruit on pancakes like you make. The Mrs and the monsters have other ideas as to how I should make their pancakes. So I always lose.

The monsters love banana pancakes. I make them about once a month. I use bisquick as a base (yeah, I know) and add extra sugar and baking powder to it. I blend the eggs, milk and bananas in a blender, then mix it all together. The monsters don't like chunky anything in or on their pancakes, so blending does the trick for them. And I throw whatever fruit I have in the pancakes (especially over-ripe stuff that I want to get rid of). Strawberries, peaches, apples blueberries, in varoius combinations, all go in the Sunday pancakes.

We rarely have a meat side but when we do, it's bacon. I personnaly like scrapple but don't get it to often.

Big Shamu said...

Damn you Buzz don't get me started on my LOVE of scrapple.

moi said...

Yum – exactly what breakfast should be! And thank you, thank you, for drop kicking my memory right on back to the days of the Galloping Gourmet. I LOVED him!

Boxer said...

We watched the Galloping Gourmet too! My entire family loved him. He eventually retired to my part of the world and is often seen at local functions. I had the biggest crushee on him

le sigh

oh, and thos pancakes?


Boxer said...



Boxer said...

to answer the fake-bakon question. No, I won't eat it. I think if you're a vegetarian that means you give up meat. Eating fake seems dumb. If I miss that much?

I should go for the real thing.

LaDivaCucina said...

Boxer: Agreed! I have a number of vegetarian friends that eat that fake bacon and I just don't get it!

As for that scrapple stuff, wow! I looked it up and basically it's a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe with ground pork and corn meal shaped into a loaf and then cut? You guys can tell me more about it, please!

Buzz, I grew on on Bisquick. My dad used to make a killer peach shortcake in the summer with it. You should try that, your kids would love it! fast and easy.

Moi, I only found a a couple of You Tube vids on Greg Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet but nothing from his TV show in the 60's. I barely remember the show but according to what I've just read, he used to get sloshed on TV! haha! No wonder I loved him!