Just another tequila sunset....

La Diva is grateful today.

There's been too much death lately.

Too much griping.

And WAY too much whining.

Take a minute to be happy.

Hell, why not TAKE THE WHOLE DAY?!!!

To just be happy.

Right now.

Cuz WE are still here.

Right now.

And it's good.

Enjoy darlings!!!!!


thombeau said...


Boxer said...

amen, to that Sistah!

Buzz Kill said...

Nice views. Are they from your house/condo? What a way to end the day. Hope you were drinking margaritas to that sunset.

LaDivaCucina said...

Buzz Kill this is from our balcony overlooking downtown Miami and Star Island on Biscayne Bay. We are on Miami Beach on South Beach and about 10 blocks east is the ocean.

In summer, we are lucky to see lots of beautiful sunsets. You can view more of them if you click on "Sunset du Jour" on the side panel. The colors are just amazing!

Thanks y'all!

Have a great weekend!

MJ said...

I'll drink to that!

Jill said...

Cheers, Babe! You cracked me up on your comments yesterday!

Heff said...

Awesome pictures !