The most beautiful food I've seen: Australia's Royal Mail Restaurant

Darlings!!! La Diva was recently watching globe-trotting chef, Anthony Bourdain, traipse around one of her fave cities, Melbourne, Australia, when I was completely enraptured by the food porn dishes from a country restaurant featured called the Royal Mail.

Exquisite, delicate and beautiful are words that describe this lovely plating of sardines with jamon, tiny baby radish and smoked tuna...mmmm...

As I watched dish-after-amazing-dish come out of the kitchen to appease Bourdain and Melburnian chef Paul Wilson, La Diva was enthralled by the prettiness of the platings and eager to share with you. Being an artist herself, La Diva has a keen eye for detail and color and was impressed by how aesthetically pleasing these divine dishes looked and found the use of pretty petals, micro-herbs and garnishes to be exquisite and thoughtful.

Royal Mail owner Alan Myers and Chef Dan Hunter

The Royal Mail restaurant is located in the town of Dunkeld, Victoria, a good three hour drive west of Melbourne and located at the foot of Victoria's Grampian mountains.

Like so many other fabulous Aussie restaurants, the Royal Mail is part of a hotel. The hotel was established in 1855, though the restaurant and hotel itself have been refurbished and boast architecturally designed facilities that take advantage of the stunning natural surroundings.

One may choose a number of packages and activities offered by the hotel taking in the flora and fauna of the area which includes yoga, horseback riding and hiking.

Click on the photo to see all the beaut photos of the property and its natural offerings!

Calamari is enticingly scored and served on a delicate black cream with carrot and cardamom.

Rich and extravagant egg yolk with toasted rye, legume and yeast.

Darlings, want to see what dish made Tony Bourdain want to get naked and roll around in it? Click on the image and delight in the Royal Mail experience like La Diva did! You'll be so happy you did!

Fresh from the Basque country of Spain, Chef Dan Hunter brought his creativity and passion back to his homeland to the Royal Mail restaurant in 2007. You can learn more about this talented chef by clicking on his photo.

Taken directly from the Royal Mail website as La Diva couldn't describe it any better:

The Royal Mail Restaurant offers a unique, nature-based cuisine focusing on modern culinary techniques and the highest quality organic and heirloom produce. Multi-course tasting menus follow nature's cue to change with the seasons and are designed around vegetables, fruit and herbs collected daily from the restaurant's own kitchen gardens.

More than 150 varieties of organic and heirloom vegetables, leaves and herbs are produced by the restaurant's 1500 square metres of kitchen gardens each year. Orchards and an olive grove surrounding the hotel provide stone fruit, apples, pears, berries, figs, quince and olives while fresh eggs are collected daily from free-range laying hens.

The restaurant is also home to the award winning Royal Mail Cellar which houses one of the most comprehensive and varied wine collections in Australia. Guests are offered an extensive selection of Australian and imported wines including Australia's leading collection of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

The Royal Mail wine collection focuses on wines that are ready to be taken from hibernation and enjoyed at their peak. The extensive collection has been cellared in ideal conditions and presents as close to perfect as can be achieved. The aim is to provide depth of vintage at all levels and the informed wine team is available to assist in the selection of a future treasured memory.

Now doesn't that sound DEE-LISH?

Want to see ALL the lovely food porn images of the Royal Mail? Click on the photo and prepare to be impressed, the food is beautifully presented and photographed.

La Diva SO wishes she was back in Australia to experience this fabulous restaurant and hotel! Darlings, if you DO get a chance to get "down under," don't hesitate to make the effort to dine at the Royal Mail but be sure to book in advance as La Diva is certain the Travel Channel plug has given the restaurant an additional boost in reservations! And if you go, you MUST share all the details with La Diva!

Are any of my darling readers aware of any other beautiful food being presented with divine style that La Diva needs to know about?

tell, darlings!
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Jill said...

What a luscious looking yolk! Chef Dan is darling, isn't he? Nothing's better than a goodlooking man who can cook!

LaDivaCucina said...

Imagine it's taste, freshly laid that morning! That's why the color is so incredible!

MJ said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again ...

I would be happy to lick dripping mango juice from Anthony Bourdain's heroin-tracked arms.

He mentioned he could "dry hump a wallaby".

Well, Mistress MJ will GLADLY stand in for the wallaby!

thombeau said...

Wow. Now I'm drooling AND horny!

Boxer said...

Sadly, I have nothing to offer other than to say, "Godhead" is my new favorite word and I'm officially stealing it.

Dani said...

Love me some Anthony!

LaDivaCucina said...

You snitches kill me. Not a word about the fabulous food, it's all about Anthony!!! haha! I might just do a porn post just about him soon.....!!!

TROLL Y2K said...


Why do you suppose it is that most of Oz's finest restaurants are in Hotels, while virtually none of America's are?

LaDivaCucina said...

Troll, it's really quite a different set up over there. The hotels there are really pubs or like small boutique hotels. Many times the hotel/pubs have kitchens that are leased out and run by different chefs so the owner of the hotel is not running the kitchen.

Hotels in America have restaurants that are owned and run by the hotel. Why the difference? Not sure but maybe the fact that the pubs have someone in the hotel just focusing on their part of the business makes the difference? Or maybe it's the fact that since many of these pubs are owned by a single owner or two or even a family and are not part of a huge corporation with the hierarchy of F & B managers with too much responsibility and not any personal stake in the business?

Also, many pubs don't even offer accommodation any more and are really more like bar/restaurants so the restaurant becomes one of the main revenue streams. Unless they have poker machines. But, that's another story.