Pure Florida Culinary Throw down: PEANUTS! (sounds like a good excuse for Asian food to La Diva!)

With a classic recipe passed on to me by a crazy Dutch Indonesian room mate, La Diva made an authentic Indonesian sate sauce which includes a number of Asian ingredients like kecap manis, shrimp paste and peanut butter of course!

Darlings! Every once in a while La Diva participates in various blogging culinary contests, and if I'm around and cookin', I'm always up for a good food challenge! You've seen my posts about Karmic Kitchen's Dim Sum Sunday, well, this one is Troll's Culinary Throwdown initiated by Pure Florida.

This weeks theme is: PEANUTS!

(What did you expect? A BORING photo of a peanut?! Lighten up!)

The rules?
  • Create a dish that utilizes peanuts as an essential ingredient.
  • Create 3 such dishes, one entree, one dessert, and one of your choice for consideration as the GRAND PRIZE CHEFMEISTER!
  • Post your creations and send an "I'm Up" comment here so everyone can go sample your dishes.

Well, since La Diva LOVES peanuts, this challenge should be a breeze. But, I must admit, I'm cheating, as I made these dishes for a special dinner for company two weeks ago! As peanuts are quite rich, I was not going to repeat again so soon, so my photos from a few weeks back along with a few supplemental ones from the Internet will have to suffice!

Tasty, crunchy and savory little shrimp crackers like these are served in Indonesia as a snack and come in a variety of styles and colors. They look like small plastic wafers about the size of a half dollar before you cook them but when you fry them in hot oil, they puff right up! Dee-lish! (And NO they DON'T taste fishy!)

As a surprising and sassy little appetizer for my guests, I served these crackers with the Indonesian sate (peanut) sauce along with my signature lemongrass ginger martinis! YUM!

La Diva then prepared a Thai feast fit for the King Of Siam: Chicken and veggie stir-fry with cashew and chili, red pork curry with sweet potato, baby corn and bamboo shoots and my all-time favorite Thai dish with peanuts, Som Tum, a refreshing and zesty green papaya salad in a chili/ lime/palm sugar dressing topped with crushed toasted peanuts. To ensure the dish reserves its traditional taste, I used dried baby shrimp and added a couple of quartered and seeded tomatoes. You can also use small crabs and green beans in the salad as well. (You can click to see up close!)

By the way, the peanuts are not just a mere garnish but an integral part of the dish! I love the crunchy combination and textures from the green papaya, carrots and the peanuts! Guests were happy as of course was La Diva's sidekick, DJ Nevah L8, who was lickin' his chops and taking thirds.

Finally, for dessert: Tin Roof Sundae. I have to admit that I didn't make it for dessert with the dinner and borrowed this photo from the Internet, but this is my all-time fave dessert when I was a kid (and still is!)

Do you remember when Sears department store actually sold hot nuts? Ahhhh, that smell of the nuts under those heat lamps! Well, La Diva could not walk by them as a kid and not beg my pops to buy me some redskin Spanish peanuts. Of course, that would then lead to the purchase of a jar of Sanders Fudge sauce and ice cream! (Sanders dessert toppings are a delicious Detroit classic dating from the late 1800's!) I don't know where the name Tin Roof came from but what takes the sundae from just a hot fudge sundae to the Tin Roof sundae is the inclusion of Spanish peanuts!

For another great use of peanuts in Thai food, click
here to see my Thai beef salad recipe (which, incidentally, has a LOT of info on traditional Thai ingredients.) Want to see what everyone else made? Click here to check out Pure Florida! Darlings, of course you may feel free to post YOUR fave peanut meals too!

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Floridacracker said...

Excellent! I love tin roof sundaes too and, yes, I remember the candy and nut counter in Sears. My parental request was always for their chocolate covered peanuts ... double dipped. Great job!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh gracious, Sweet Pea, I adore Thai, but Uncle? Not so much. So readin' yore Thai feast line-up set my mouth to waterin'!!

Heh--love that ya' used the Peanuts Gang, too.
Warn't this a fun Throwdown?

Heat Lamps said...

sounds like a good excuse for Asian food. Really very delicious asian food ...........

TROLL Y2K said...

Wowie zowie. A cornocopia of complex and exciting meals. You're spoiling the DJ.

Heff said...

Excellent. The judge is going to have a really hard time, lol !

MJ said...

What were you saying?

I got distracted when you mentioned hot nuts.

Jill said...

Loved the tag...I hate americanized asian food too.

LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks Floridacracker! I enjoyed being included in the throwdown!

Thanks for stopping by Aunty Belle and Heat Lamps! It's nice not to take this all so seriously right?!

Troll, you KNOW that DJ is spoilt. hmpf.

Heff, I'm still in awe of the peanut plethora you and Donna put together! Sheesh!

MJ, Yeah, you can have all my wine and cocktails for a while....I'm pickled and pooped!

Hi Jill, I'm talking more about restaurant food than what people make at home. Here in Miami, lemon chicken equates to fried chicken with lemon pie filling over the top! And you could say the same for sweet and sour pork but they use cherry pie filling for that! haha!

Thanks for stopping by darlings!xx

Boxer said...

for some reason, Thai food and me? We don't like each other. Peanuts however, I do love but I rarely find recipes using them that AREN'T Thai. Well, except for Troll putting them on bacon slices. What a good sport you were for participating. YOU have a fabulous week, yourself.

Fabulastic said...

It must be a pleasure living with you! All that International food and serve with witty gracious comments.

LaDivaCucina said...

Thank you darling, we have a LOT of fun!

Heff said...

Aw, NUTS ! I was hoping you'd have a new post up !