Jetlag is a BEE-Yatch!

Hello, darlings. I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! La Diva MUST apologize for not keeping you dear readers "in the loop" while traveling but hey, La Diva is ALL ABOUT living in the mo' and not sitting in front of a computer when there are live people about I need to communicate with! So, please forgive me.

The trip to Australia was fabulous, darlings, truly. When we were leaving Los Angeles a few weeks back, I had the strangest feeling: I had just left my home (in Miami) and was leaving home again (L.A.) to go back home (Sydney!) Very strange. When one is a citizen of the world, I suppose you are always leaving "home" and loved ones behind! It's all familiar, strange, happy, sad and mostly confusing all at once.

However, I have to say that JET LAG IS A BITCH FROM HELL!!! and La Diva is all turned around in her little head! Waking up at 3:30 am and then trying to stay awake at 5 pm is very difficult indeed, especially since I've made night time arrangements with friends to "catch up!"

My circadian rhythm is all askew and me brain is addled with loads of Tylenol PM and caffeine. Needless to say: LA DIVA IS A BIG OL' MESS!
So, keep a look out for new posts of my travels shortly....when I can once again think (and write!) "straight!" Ciao for now, darlings!

'Straya bound: Sydney food porn...mmmmm...Part ll

Big Daddy Carlos and Ava, owners (and wonderful friends) of the groovy Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood

G'day, darlings! La Diva is LOVIN' Los Angeles and had a fabulous time last night catching up with pals at the the uber-hip gothic Mexican restaurant and ultra-lounge, the Velvet Margarita, drinking pomegranate margaritas and eatin' some REALLY FINE Mexican specialties. (like their home-made chicken tamales, made from grandma Lupita's recipe!) More about that later, for now, I have to post stat as I've got a date with friends to hike at Franklin Canyon!

La Diva wants to continue on to Part ll of Sydney food porn! (can't believe I'll be there in a mere 24 hours!)

Sydney has a wonderful Chinatown but La Diva and DJ Nevah L8 enjoyed wonderful dee-lites from all over the world just down the street from their little cottage in Marrickville, an inner-west suburb. One of our fave places was Mr. Chao BBQ bar! Sometimes, La Diva would pick up a roast duck after work from Mr. Chao, and make a decadent and divine Thai red curry! Mmmm....

Succulent roast duck, ready to eat

Char sui pork was another favorite

Of course, one who lives in Sydney does not escape the pleasure of devouring a doner kebab, usually late into the evening and after a night of heavy boozing at the pub. Similar to a gyro or wrap, La Diva would relish the lamb kebab with lashings of tahini, yogurt and chili sauce! Many of these stands are located conveniently right outside the pub!

And since we are talking about late night gastronomic indulgences, we can't forget the ultimate food porn snack: the Aussie meat pie! Harry's Cafe De Wheels is down on the water atKings Cross and is PACKED with revelers and tourists alike and is busy from the time it opens in the morning to late into the night!

La Diva likes her pies with mash, mushy peas and gravy: it's a meal all in one!

Full of lovely meat, gravy and flaky crust, the meat pie is also a perfect hangover food!!!!

The Aussie meat pie is considered the NATIONAL DISH of Australia!

Well, darlings, hope this gets you salivatin'! We're off to the canyon now and not quite sure when I'll be online again! But, enjoy, darlings, La Diva looks forward to catching up with you real soon! Ciao for now, darlings!

'Straya bound: Sydney food porn...mmmm...Part l

To all the prawns I've loved before....

Click on photo to see the mother of all fabulous seafood platters!

Darlings! I do hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed making it! Tomorrow I'll be off to a couple of places that La Diva ALWAYS has fun at: La La Land and the land Down Under!

Los Angeles is a fantastic place to hang out and get into mischief and tomorrow night I'll be in the glamorous City of Angels being FABULOUS. La Diva thinks it would be simply impossible to not have a grand old time in L.A. and as part of my blogging duties, I shall try my best, darlings!

But for now, my head is already in Sydney! I started doing this food porn thang last night and went a bit mad reminiscing about all the wonderful food over there! So, if I can get to a computer at some point tomorrow, I will post part two! Enjoy!

The strange, succulent and delicious Balmain bugs

Tiger prawns are an Aussie specialty and can be quite large!

You know you want it. Go on, click, baby, click!

In America, it's called dim sum, in Australia, it's yum cha. To the Cantonese, it's brunch. La Diva had a lovely Chinese restaurant just down the block so you know where I was every Sunday morning with sidekick DJ Nevah L8!

It was always a MUST that we take the custard tarts off the passing carts as soon as they went around because if you came to yum cha too late, you'd miss out, they'd be all gone!

Petersham, an inner-west suburb of Sydney, boasted a number of Portuguese chicken shops where you could pick up the juiciest grilled chickens, don't even ASK me how they seasoned them, I would not fathom to guess. However, the franchise fast-food Oporto used to make a Portuguese chicken sandwich that was to die for!!!! I'm still trying to replicate it!

Nando's peri-peri chicken....spicy succulence that delish dreams are made of!

The Oporto Bondi it fried? Is it grilled? Is there a light dusting of flour on the chicken before they cook it?? La Diva does not know. She just knows its DAMN GOOD.

Darlings, you MUST click on this! You can almost taste it's hot and spicey goodness!

Hello, possums! You can't get any more dinky-di than Dame Edna Everage! And I'm certain she makes a mean lamb roast dinner with all the fixin's. A typical Sunday dinner in 'straya!

Look at that mash! And La Diva can just imagine HOW GOOD dose roasted veggies are that have been cooking in all the lamb's juice!

What do these gorgeous aboriginal boys have to do with Turkish pizza? NOT A THING! However, bush tucker is not a cuisine that is easily found or eaten with any sort of regularity by most folks in Australia, so I just wanted to give a shout-out to our native brothers, lest we forget their huge contributions to Australian culture.

Called Turkish "pizza," the "pide" bread is a wonderfully chewy and tasty way to serve a variety of toppings such as ground meat, cheese, spinach, egg and tomatoes! La Diva used to buy the plain bread, adorned with black sesame seeds, and then grill it and serve it with butter....ahhh.....Why hasn't anyone opened a Turkish pizza place here in Miami? (Don't even try suggesting Pashas!) La Diva has found a few recipes and is going to give it a shot when I get back!

Clickety-click, darlings!

Well, darlings, I do hope you enjoyed my food porn journey! Check back again for Part II and perhaps the BEST of the food porn available in Sydney! And, in only four more sleeps, I too will be enjoying at least some of these dishes in person!

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'Straya bound: The makings of a perfectly FABULOUS holiday!

Click on the photo darlings to see what's REALLY IMPORTANT about Australia: their wine-growing regions!

One must be comfy for the 13 hour + flight to Sydney from Los Angeles!

What I HOPE doesn't happen on the flight over there!
What I'm CERTAIN will happen on the flight over there!

Ahhh, back again after six and a half long years!

DJ Nevah L8 and La Diva will be seeing their rellies and friends for the first time in years!

Yeah, Sydney, here we come!!!

Bondi Beach at sunrise...we'll be getting into Sydney just in time for a nice Aussie breaky!

And then from there, you KNOW the drinking will start!
(one must celebrate one's homecoming, after all!)

Yep, this looks about right: some lovely gal pals in all their LUSH-cious glory! Reminds La Diva of HER friends back in Sydney!

Just a teaser: Sydney rock oysters. Check out my food porn blog post tomorrow!

That 'roo will be swillin' a Fosters or VB, mate, not a yank Budweiser!!

La Diva LOVES her Aussie wine.....mmmm...I'm going to drink buckets of it!

Weeeeeeeeee! The refreshing Pacific ocean!

(Photo credit Daniele Mattioli) 

The cliffs at Curl Curl beach on the North Shore, one of our fave beaches.

To avoid becoming a sharky snack, it's best to swim in the rock pools at sunrise or sunset!

We broke, time to go back home!

Buh-bye now!!!

Meet me here tomorrow, darlings, for my last post before we leave for Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. I'm going to tempt you with some Australian food porn! G'day, loves!
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