When bears cook: Baked chicken thighs with Meyer lemons and rainbow carrots

Darlings!  Well, Spring pollen is in the air and wouldn'tcha know it, La Diva is illin'.  Boo!  The season of sinus infections has begun!  Hiss!  While I was down on the couch the other night struggling to breathe, I asked my Big Bear Man, DJ Nevah L8, if he'd make dinner and...wait for it....write a blog post about it too?  Amazingly, he agreed.

But when it came time to actually write, the big guy got all shy and protested that his paws were "too big for the keys, it will take me forever to write" and besides "I am a boring writer.  I tend to write like a strung out literary professor on crack; too flowery, wordy and quasi-academic." 

Well, I guess he's right.  The boy does tend to ramble, and succinct is NOT a word the lad knows the meaning of.  So, three days into antibiotics, I guess I'll have to do my Diva job and write my own dang post.

 From Snail's Tales blog, this photo of the Meyer lemon with kitty in the background made me giggle!

As you all know, it's CITRUS SEASON and lemony brightness is always so welcome to many living in the colder climes this time of year.   Even though La Diva lives in the Sunshine State, I too, look forward to the season each winter.  After begging and pleading and DEMANDING to the produce manager to get some coveted Meyer lemons on their shelves, I bought several bags of my fave fruit.  And because La Diva is dieting, I decided that I'd have to pass on the usual Meyer lemon meringue pie and try my hand at a savory application instead.  Like most people, when I'm ill and medicated, my brain does not work too efficiently, so lemon chicken was the easiest method I could think of for the DJ to prepare!

DJ Nevah L8's Baked Chicken Thighs with Meyer Lemon (and divine rainbow carrots!)

Heat a medium skillet with olive oil and when very hot, put chicken thighs in skin side down.  Why?  We are going to brown the chicken so it crisps up the skin, looks deelish and appetizing and not gray and rubbery!

After a nice sear and the skin is brown, remove the thighs and put aside onto a plate and remove pan from heat.  Then add rainbow carrots halved and quartered.  Spread out so there is one even layer and season lightly with salt.

Here is what to add to the chicken:  dried thyme and marjoram, a few finely sliced garlic cloves and one thinly sliced Meyer lemon.  We forgot to take the seeds out but do so now, so you don't have to pick them out later.

Put the thighs back into the pan, skin side up and season with salt, pepper, garlic and the herbs.  Carefully place lemon slices over all of the chicken pieces.

Pop into a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through completely.  (EEEEK!  Time to clean the oven again!)

Mmmmmmm....doesn't that look DIVINE? 

RESULT:  Well done, DJ!!!  Nestled under the chicken, the carrots were cooked to perfection and were a tender, sweet side.  The DJ was tempted to add wine to the chicken but I advised against it as we wanted the carrots to caramelize and release their sugars NOT steam or boil in the wine.  The chicken was succulent, juicy and tender with a light lemony taste which was not enough for either of us.  We greedily cut into the lemon slices and for each bite of chicken paired it with a piece of the zesty lemon.  Dee-licious, dee-lighful, dee-groovy!

And the best part?  ONE PAN TO WASH.  The DJ steamed the green beans in a microwave steamer bag and was left with only the frying pan.  Now that's a happy DJ!

So, darlings, have YOU ever tried a Meyer lemon?  What did you do with it?  Tell Diva all about it!  And if you want to 'ave a go at preparing the unique and tasty Meyer lemon, but are not sure where to start, check out the L.A. Times article for "100 things to do with a Meyer lemon" by clicking HERE.

Ciao for now, darlings!


Boxer said...

First, really sorry about the sinus issues. I'm sending you an email about some remedies.

I love baking in one dish and recently made a baked pie in cast iron skillet; fried the butter/sugar and apples in the pan, added the dough and into the oven. Now you're giving me more ideas.

I knew nothing about Meyer lemons but now I'm on a quest.

your Mister did a great job and your oven looks just fine. No cleaning needed.

Velva said...

DJ did an excellent job. What a beautifully prepared dish. Chicken and citrus, a natural flavor pairing. I really liked this dish. Perfect for a weeknight.

Hope you are feeling better.

Better grab up all the citrus, including those Meyer lemons will soon vanish.


LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Boxer, thanks so much for the info! I like the idea of that skillet pie, so the crust is just on top? Better look out for the Meyer lemons quickly, they are almost out of season.

Thanks so much Velva, it was a quick and easy dish for hubby (with a little Diva coaching!) He hates clean up so one dish meals are the go when he cooks. It took weeks to get the lemons in the store, not sure if we are growing them in Florida anymore and they are hard to ship (apparently) so maybe that's why hard to come by?

Buzz Kill said...

So, were you standing behind DJ the whole time doing the different cooking motions YOU know you should do but he wasn't quite doing it the same way? Bwahahaha

I find myself doing that to the Mrs on the very rare occasion that she cooks. I bite my tongue a lot too. He did a great job.

Jill said...

He cooks too!!!!

Intuitive Eggplant said...

A terrific job by the DJ! What a lovely dish. The rainbow carrots are a new one on me - gorgeous! I adore Meyer lemons . . . and sadly haven't had any this year.

Feel better soon!

Floridacracker said...

That looks GREAT!
Simple, tasty ingredients, AND lots of color.

MJ said...

If life handed me a Meyer lemon, I would make lemonade.

LaDivaCucina said...

Buzz, you know the routine too well, my friend! The DJ appreciates the compliments!

Jill, every once in a while! I don't like him in my kitchen, to tell the truth, stuff ends up in the wrong places and drives me crazy trying to find them! haha!

Poor Eggy! No meyer lemons, boo! Hope you can see some of the rainbow carrots at your farmers market this summer, so sweet!

FC, yes, loads of color and beta cartotene!

MJ, lemonade AND VODKA!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

moi said...

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. The DJ rocks.

I've been cleared to drive and am on the way to the store this afternoon to see what kind of lemons we're looking at. I'm going to start preserving those suckas today! Chicken paprikash tonight. You were a doll to send me those recipes—now feel better!

Melissa said...

So they Meyers make the difference? I need to buck up and give them a try! And RAINBOW carrots...I learn new things from you all the time!

This looks just fabulous.

And lastly...pollen? in Floriday, why did I think you all didn't have any? Hope you are feeling better!

FOODESSA said...

What do you mean...no dessert? Now you got me thinking of the non-existant Meyer lemon meringue pie. LOL

Love what the Mr. did with this dish...I can smell it from all the way in Montreal.

Hope you do start getting better soon...I'm sure you're great cooking has been missed ;o)

Anna Johnston said...

First things first lovely one, hope your feeling better, sinus is the WORST. :( Look after you.
Secondly, your Mr Bear is gorgeous, I love that he took the time to take pictures and even more he is looking after you. :)
Digging this dish hon, it's lovely. My poor fridge is overflowing with food, hanging out with all my virtual friends has meant my weekly shopping list has tripled. :)