Dishin' with La Diva June 13, 2011

Diva TV coming to a computer near you soon!

Video may have killed the radio star but it is GREAT for driving traffic to websites!  While La Diva has done plenty of videos for reality show submissions, they have all had to follow specific guidelines and have been recorded in one shot and without any editing.  When creating these TV submissions, La Diva has had to be on her best behaviour, and I've had to repress my irreverent, sassy self!   (which is never good for a DIVA!)  So this summer, La Diva will be creating her own video world and in my own saucy style with the Diva TV channel on You Tube.   Me and DJ Nevah L8 (4 dinnah) will be filming and editing two videos for my channel, and most exciting of all, I will be FILMED IN 3D at an event on June 22nd!  Stay posted, darlings, and in the meantime, check out the video that got me into the Food Network Studios by clicking HERE!

Speaking of traffic....

You may have noticed that I've put my web address on each title of my blog post.  It's meant to garner more traffic to my apple webpage, which has abysmal SEO capabilities.  Each day La Diva opens her inbox and lo and behold, there is a message from Sanjay in India, pleading with me to consider using their services to help generate traffic to my site.  I'm considering it, actually, but have found that simply listing my business on Google Places for FREE has drawn a considerable amount of traffic to my business and website.  Don't believe me?  Then Google Miami cooking classes and see what comes up!

Another little trick a marketing guru recently shared with me was to label EACH AND EVERY photo I put on the web with my web address and contact details.  How many times have you searched a photo and it had info about the publisher?  Never, right?  Brilliant idea,  methinks, let's see what develops with these new traffic-driving tricks and if you have any hints or suggestions for La Diva, feel free to share them with me!

This beautiful bag of mangoes was given to me by a business associate visiting me for the first time!  The entire house is filled with the sweet scent of fresh mangoes!  Whatever will I do with them all?  I know one things fo' sho, La Diva Cucina's SPICY MANGO PEPPER VODKA will be an upcoming project!  Click HERE for the divine recipe!

"You like me, you really like me....!"

Yet another publicist/marketing person has contacted La Diva with the REALLY BIG NEWS that THEY think my blog is fabulous.  Well, thank you, kindly.  In their effort to drive more traffic to their own site and get free content, La Diva Cucina was recently featured as part of "Best of the Web" on  Does La Diva appreciate this highly esteemed acknowledgment? Meh.  Will it drive traffic to MY site?  Perhaps, but it's not like they put MY link on THEIR home page.  Do I give a rat's ass?  NO.   Do you think La Diva sounds cynical?  Indeed I am but you always knew I was the Queen of Snark, did  you not?   So, no surprises there!  For this reason and many more, I'm not sure I'll be doing any more reciprocal  linking or accepting any more "blog awards." You can check out the post HERE and there is a link to Become on the right side bar! (for now....)

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That's all the latest news from La Diva, what's YOUR latest news, darlings?  DO tell La Diva all about it!  Ciao for now!


Heff said...

Can't WAIT to experience you in 3-D !!!

BamaTrav said...

Easy there big fella, just go take a nice cold shower and it will be alright.

Jill said...

I'm with Heff, but probably for a different reason! contacted me nothin' out of it

Floridacracker said...

Going to watch that video after this.
I agree on the recip. links, blog wards, and other stuff.

If you get a link on my sidebar, I either like your site or you paid for it.

Obviously I like your site! :)

MakingSpace said...

I think doing your own thing makes perfect sense. It's the internet age. Who needs to wait to see if the old white dudes in suits like ya? Go for it!!

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Can't wait for La Diva TV!

LaDivaCucina said...

Heff! Me too!

BamaTrav: hehehe....who'd have thought YOU'D be the one to show restraint.

Jill: I hate HAVING to link, even though they have done it for me...don't like anyone telling me what to put on my blog!

Thanks so much, FC, I like your site too!

MS, you are an inspiration and yes, forget the old white dudes in suits (I never get along with them anyway!)

Thanks, Eggy! I'm excited to start! Good thing hubby works for a production company, we've got the equipment in the living room, looks like a TV studio!

moi said...

I've made a heap of mango salsa this summer to slather on fish and sandwiches. Finely diced avocado, red onion, a sprinkle of sugar, and lime juice.

Love your solopreneurship savvy and am anxiously awaiting La Diva television.

Marian said...

You go, girl!!! Can't wait to see Diva TV. If the Powers That Be don't put you on their air, it only means they have no idea what to do with you -- a true original! :)

LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks for your support, Moi! I add chili to the mango salsa, hot and sweet and spicy!

Marian, thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments! I'm so excited, it's nice to realize that I have control over what I decide to do! WE'll see what comes of it all.