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Darlings!   Stumped over supper?  Done deciding dinner?  Let La Diva assist you, dear, with suggestions for uncomplicated and satisfying meals that are quick enough to make during the week.  Take a peek at what La Diva eats!

Satisfying, crunchy and bursting with flavorful nutrients, here's La Diva's Spicy Thai Beef Salad:  Flank steak is marinated with Thai spices, grilled, sliced and served with greens, carrots, red cabbage, cucumbers, snow peas, fresh Thai basil leaves and garnished with cashews and dressed with a zippy lime dressing.   Want to give it a shot?  The recipe from a previous post is HERE.

This divine and savory tart hits the spot for an easy and elegant Sunday lunch:  caramelized onions with lemon thyme, spinach, prosciutto and artisanal goat cheese from Hani's Mediterranean Organics!    La Diva has to admit:  it's Hani's wonderful cheese that really made this tart special!  Perhaps it's his Lebanese influence when feeding his goats, as Hani's cheese imparts the very distinct flavor of cinnamon, and is not strong at all, but mellow and unique.   By keeping ready made dough in the freezer, tarts like this can be made in a flash and as La Diva ALWAYS suggests, use what YOU have on hand like regular ham  in lieu of the prosciutto or feta cheese if you don't have any goat cheese in the fridge.

Instead of the usual rice, La Diva made supergrain quinoa with home made chicken broth, sauteed kale and fresh, Florida sweet corn as a base for spicy and succulent jerk shrimp.  The jerk seasoning was super quick:  I made a simple rub using cinnamon, allspice, garlic salt, cayenne pepper and a bit of oil, slathered it on the shrimp and  then cooked  it immediately.  Another detour from tradition included sauteing the jerk seasoned shrimp, instead of the usual grilling, and then flambeing with sipping tequila!  The muy picante prawns pair well with the buttery and mild quinoa and vegetables.

After looking at luscious photos of fabulous fava beans paired with shaved parmigiano cheese while researching my last post, (click HERE) La Diva was inspired to try the enticing combo.  I paired the bean with a gourmet pasta called Fiori,  or "flower" pasta that was a hearty, spiraled trumpet shape, and instead of the parmigiano  cheese, I added freshly grated Italian pecorino, a drizzle of fruity green extra virgin olive oil and further brightened the flavors by topping with lemon zest! 

 Chicken marsala is a classic and really so easy.  Organic skinless and boneless chicken breasts are split lengthwise and lightly pounded, floured, seasoned and then browned and finished with a lovely Italian Marsala wine and baby portabello mushrooms.  I stacked the lot over beautifully fluffy mashed potatoes and served with a young and tender spinach  leaf salad with feta, tomatoes, cukes, carrot and red cabbage!  Simple, quick and man-pleasin', this is one of our fave  family meals.  (Yeah, I said that, if Man not pleased, Man whine.  Not good when Man whine.  Or worse yet, Man go to shop and get junk to eat because he didn't like his dinner!   Make Diva mad! Ha!)

Darlings, I DO hope this post will inspire you to add something NEW to your weekly dinner repertoire!  What quick and divine dishes do YOU make each week?  Tell La Diva ALL about it!
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BamaTrav said...

Looks devine Daalin, when are you going to cook that for me and my motley crue??? Thought you might enjoy the link below


Jill said...

My husband would love it if I cooked as much as you. The tart looks wonderful...it all does really, but I started salivating when I saw the tart!

LaDivaCucina said...

OMG, BT, that is outrageously funny! Glad to see youse two getting up to mischief again. Would you mind if I posted the link on Facebook? Let me know! Thanks for that, made me LMAO!

Thanks, Mizz Jill, just every day dinners, gotta eat every day, gotta cook every day. (If I still lived in Sydney where the Asian food was plentiful and cheap, you best believe I'd order out more. But it ain't. It's expensive and meh, so I cook!) Thank for the sweet comments!

Floridacracker said...

Now that is a man salad!

I'm thinking first course is that Thaibeef salad, followed by that marsala on taters.

Can't wait to try that.


Boxer said...

I really shouldn't visit here so close to lunch. I took a semi-cooking lesson while on my trip! Who knew... cooking is fun. :-) I want to make the shrimp dish. hmmmm. xoxo

Anna Johnston said...

Thai Beef Salad = I want :) In fact...., they all look awesome. Lovin' the idea of the 'rub' with the prawns., it'd really vamp up the flavours with that dish wouldn't it. Have an awesome week girlfriend :)

Intuitive Eggplant said...

These all look and sound divine! I'm sure you'll outdo yourself with birthday dinner for the DJ too :)

Buzz Kill said...

I'm liking the flank steak salad and the chicken marsala dishes. I like the tart too, but I'm not firing up the oven in this heat.

Buzz Kill said...

Oh, and that first picture. I thought it was a very young Judy Garland.

LaDivaCucina said...

FC, you crack me up! I HAVE to make all my meals man satisfyin' for the Big Guy and he actually eats vegetarian with me too! But most men DO prefer da meat, don't they?

Boxer, you must tell me about the cooking demo! I'm so curious! Moi was suggesting a Diva guest appearance next year? The shrimp is super quick and easy and tons of protein in the quinoa too.

Thanks, Anna, my little Aussie cheffie! Jerk seasoning is very big here in Southern Florida, as you can imagine!

Eggy, the birthday boy really wanted simple comfort food, cajun meatloaf and mash! Funny, isn't it?

Buzzy, if you do make the steak salad, you can get the red curry paste from almost any grocery store these days, go for it! Sub a bit o lime juice for the kaffir lime leaves and you should be good to go.

Yeah, she does look a lot like Judy, doesn't she? I love that the milk is actually in glass and the big ol' bowl of buttah!

moi said...

Dinner for a week—thanks, hon! And for reminding me about Chicken Marsala. I used to make it all the time. Great idea, serving it over mashed potatoes.

Pachecopatty said...

I like the menu La Diva, sort of makes me visualize a plain white plate in my hands reaching out towards you with a smile on my face ;-)

Karl said...

Good evening La Diva,

All of the above looks very tasty. The salad and the shrimp especially.

Aunty Belle said...


Every dish looks amazin'!

I'de try 'em all. BUT, the tart and the quinoa shrimp? Them's the top of my list.

LA DivaC, youse an inspiration!

LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks, Moi, hubby always prefer mash over pasta for chicken marsala!

Awww, thanks Patty, I'll trade you one of my white plates for one of your fabulous baked desserts!

Thanks, Karl, long time no see! Hope you are well!

Aunty, I'm doin' my best and some weeks are really nothing to "write home about!" The tart was delicious and best of all, I still have some goat cheese left!