It is what it is

I found this photo searching for "do it yourself home improvement."  Have you ever seen a STRAIGHT guy with a saw in his hand standing like this with his behind to us?  Me neither.  This is supposed to be an article "empowering" women giving them DIY info and yet, they can't resist showing us her ass.   WTF?  This isn't Playboy but an article FOR women.   La Diva gets tired of women constantly being sexualized.  BAH.

Darlings, this was once a food blog.  It was once about FABULOSITY.  It was a fun blog, in all its DIVALICIOUS glory.  But for now, it's none of those.  Houseguests and home refurbishment means less Diva-cooked meals.  Less Diva-cooked meals means less food blog fodder.  Boo to busy-ness! 

Welcome to my current world.

This is Proflex.  It's used for sound proofing underneath flooring materials like tile.  I didn't know what this was a month ago.  Now I'm about to go and pick up 1200 square feet of it! Yippeee!

This is Chef David Chang's new publication, Lucky Peach.  Full of cool art, content, photos, layouts, recipes and NO ads, this ex magazine ad sales exec couldn't wait to get her  little Diva paws on it.  I have no time to read it.

 This is Vulkem waterproof deck coating.  It's for our balcony floor.  It only comes in five gallon pails, is super expensive and naturally, I only need one gallon.  I went to the supplier and bought five gallons each of primer and paint for the contractor,  hauled it onto the building's luggage cart along with 50 lbs. of sand all by myself.  Thank you, Crunch Gym.  

This is my Crunch gym membership card.  I've not been back since my accident July 19.  The gash on my leg is almost healed but the wound was so deep, it's still slightly weeping.  When I had out of town guests this past two weeks, I thought I was SuperWoman and healed and went biking for miles, showing off my beautiful city to our guests.  And now, after going full force like I would have before my injury, my leg aches...this pisses me off.  I want my leg back.  It's taking longer to heal than I thought but it IS healing....albeit slowly.

 This is the delicious chicken dinner I made a few weeks back, a recipe tried and true from my Chicago Tribune cookbook.  I had fully planned on posting about it.  It's called Chicken Vesuvio, you dredge chicken pieces in flour with Italian seasonings, brown and then bake it in the oven with potato wedges with white wine and garlic.  It's delicious.  But this photo is all you're gonna get. 

 This is the logo for Lo Que Te Pica on MTV's Tr3s channel.  La Diva will be filming an ENTIRE SEGMENT with hostess Kareliz tomorrow morning.  It will air next Friday at 10 am.  I am thrilled, two shows in two weeks and this show is on national television.   I do not even know where this channel is on my tv.  (but I'll let you know!)

 And finally, here is the living room of our new condo when we bought it.

 And here it is today!

I've just packed my first box, it contains some of my most precious cookbooks!  Soon, I won't be able to cook dinners, it's going to be pizza and take away.  Please, darlings, don't think that La Diva is complaining.  I am really quite excited about the DJ and I beginning a new life in a new home, OUR new home.

I just miss y'all.  

See you very soon, darlings, and ciao for now! xo


Boxer said...

Diva! You are missed but I'm so happy and excited about your new home... a place where you can rip out floors, pick paint and make it fabulous.... but it takes a ton of time. I don't like your leg taking so long to heal. :-( Are you taking vitaman E & C? oy! I could send you a big list to take.

So, if you blog is a little more DIY than DIVA right now, I'm OK.


LaDivaCucina said...

Thanks, Boxer baby, I miss you so much! But I know you are workin' hard too. Whew!

My leg is actually looking really good but one small area that was sooo deep has still not healed over. I am taking Vit. C, B, E, D and probiotics, garlic. Is that enough? Anything I've missed? Thank you so much!

I'll keep reporting on the house, it's really coming along...hard to believe we'll be in it in three weeks! xoxo

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Well of course we miss you, Diva, but so glad for the update on all the exciting things you've got going! Best of luck on the show tomorrow, and I know you're dying to move into your new digs. Congrats!

chickory said...

this is harder than survivor! if you prevail, you'll have a great new crib and a cooking show background. -even better than guy fieris rock band set up. Hang in there - its hard to remodel but I know youll be FAB

Velva said...

Life happens! Our blogs reflect that too. Just a simple reminder that we own our blog, our blogs don't own us.

You have so many things good happening right now. I am very excited for you. You rock. Looking forward to the MTV clip-don't forget to share it with us.

When the dust settles, we will be right here waiting for you.


Boxer said...

Bromelain. It promotes cell growth/etc after a wound/surgery.


MJ said...


moi said...

I miss you alla da time, chica. But of course you know I'm thrilled for your new La Casa, even though all of those home improvement photos are very PTSD for me.

Beeeeeg smooches and now I'm off to see if I have any MTV channels!

Melissa said...

yay! home improvement..MY first love...

And totally with you on the sexualization of women. You know Nickelback's song "Rockstar"?

Here in the Midwest, when it's played on the radio, the word "drugs" is bleeeeped out in the line "The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap". Really? Pisses me off every time.

I will look forward to whatever you choose to write about. Thanks for the sharing!

Thombeau said...

Miss you, too, Ms. Lady La Diva Baby!