Please Pass the Pasta!

Pasta and beans  or "pasta fagioli," a classic Italian dish!  (No, I DON'T call it pasta fazool. I ain't from Joisey, I smacka you!)

Darlings!  For La Diva lately, when it comes to cooking dinner, it's been all about QUICK and EASY! And while some people discourage the eating of carbs, La Diva just can't deny her Eyetalian roots.  I love pasta.    And so does the DJ.  He never ONCE says, "Pasta again?!" 

I love it especially when cooked al dente, that slightly chewy texture that makes pasta so "more-ish!"  Here are three quick, easy and deliciously classic pasta dishes that you can make in UNDER 30 minutes.  (leaving you more time to drink wine with your lovely on the patio, right?!)

Home made pesto with penne and a dash of cream  along with sauteed, organic chicken breasts to add heartiness and satiety.  Toss in a bit of spinach and arugula just before serving for additional brightness, nutrients and flavor!  Prep to table:  20 minutes

Pasta and beans IS an Italian classic!  Usually served vegetarian, La Diva added spicy Italian sausage, red pepper flakes and a handful of garden fresh escarole.    Notice how I use differently shaped pastas for different styled dishes?  I love how the beans nest in the small shells! (making it easier to eat, naturally!)  Freshly grated parmigiano takes it over the top! Prep to table:  20 minutes

 You can't get any quicker or more classic than linguine and clams!  Saute minced garlic, add fresh little neck clams and douse with wine and butter and cook until they open!  Add the pasta and garnish with a chiffonade of garden-picked basil!  Prep to table:  15 minutes!


What's YOUR favorite pasta, darling?  Ciao for now!

Mother's Day Brunch for Friends Who Aren't Moms


Frittata with fried potatoes, rosemary and parmigiano cheese.  

Roasted beet salad with creamy, American goat cheese, toasted pine nuts over baby arugula with extra virgin olive oil and Italian white wine vinegar

A unique brunch offering:  Fried polenta with Italian sausage slices, sauteed grape tomatoes and garlic with basil chiffonade with a dusting of freshly grated parmigiano cheese.

Is it THE END of the La Diva Cucina Blog or is it just FOOD PORN?

Darlings!  I'm not sure you realize this or not but it's taken me about three months to post several blogs that took place in the middle of February!  Lately, I've not only been finding it harder and harder to find the time to READ the blogs of my fave peeps but also, to WRITE them.

As you know, La Diva ain't like no other food blogger.    Other food bloggers might post a recipe from another chef.  Or their blog could be all about food porn quality photos.  Or it could be their own recipes....but me, La Diva, I write.  I also pretty much exclusively post my own, original recipes.  AND I write about my life in Miami as well as my travels.  I photograph my dishes, usually step by step as I am cooking them.  This all takes time.  Writing this out takes time.  Writing a recipe that I know in my head but graciously write it out for YOU, DEAR READER, takes time.  It can take me a half a day to write and organize one blog post.

And for years, I've truly enjoyed it.  But lately, not so much.  I've been feeling "pressure" to produce and "keep up" and that's not good.  I still love writing but it's important for me to get back to a writing style that is more descriptive, professional, much less succinct and "bloggy."  It's time to hone my skills....and because of that, I've decided to focus my attention solely on a side project I've been encouraged to begin.  I know I've said this to you before, but running your own business/marketing department/pr firm/recipe testing center, etc., as an Army of One, can really take it's toll upon one's time.  And because I REALLY want to focus my writing efforts on this new project and have such limited time, something has to give.  What's been happening to me lately is that I sit down at my computer, excited to start working on the project, only to realize, "Wow, it's been two weeks since I posted on my blog, shit!"  The guilt and resentment creeps in and I accomplish nothing.  And that's no way for me to treat this wonderful blog!  No way at all.  OR the new project, for that matter.

I thought about just letting the blog go.  I thought about going on a hiatus.  But I don't want to do that. I still am reaching YOU, I still have an audience that wants to see "what's up?" with La Diva.  And I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU.

So, what I've decided to do is to condense my Blog/Tweets/Pinterest/Facebook into one.

Say what?

What I mean is, whatever I'm posting on Facebook that is La Diva Cucina worthy will get posted on my blog too.  Frequently I post on Facebook the photos of what I'm making/made for dinner along with my catering meals.  The photos will be enticing and posts more frequent.  But they will no longer include written out recipes or stories.  I will also post photos and info about upcoming cooking classes or classes I've just given with limited copy.

And hey, I might even do a REAL post again, an old school La Diva post!  (ya never know!)  But don't hold your breath...

The fact is, without me having to write out so much copy and recipes means you'll actually get MORE posts on Blogger as I'll be able to post more quickly and more frequently.  La Diva isn't going away, just working smarter!

A while back, I read an article where Some Gen Y Girl wrote in an article about how "I don't want to see the same thing you posted on Twitter as on Facebook!  I want to see fresh content on all sites if I'm following you!"

Obviously, this was before Pinterest.....yet another way to waste, er, spend my time.  Okay, I GET her point.  But tough titties, baby doll, cuz I got's a life and if I cooked and photographed a different meal/plate/dish for Facebook, my blog, Pinterest AND Twitter...well, I'd lose respect even for myself cuz I'd have no time to actually run/market/promote the MORTAR AND BRICKS La Diva Cucina business.  One REALLY has to support the other.

And while I DO often find myself on Facebook sporadically throughout the day, let me make this clear:  Social media and blogging is a PART of my life, it's NOT my life.  And therein lies the confusion, sadly, for some lonely people out there with too much time in front of a computer instead of living life in the present.

La Diva is in a really good space right now.  I've been working out (hard) for a year, doing yoga, have lost weight, gardening at our community garden, riding my bike all over town, my business is growing and I've just moved into a new house that keeps me continuously busy with home improvement projects.  I've also joined a few industry organizations that I'd like to get more involved in which includes volunteering.  I have a lot on my plate.

So, darlings, PLEASE keep coming on by but if you want MORE La Diva, you can always follow me on

Facebook:  (La Diva fan page, business only, class dates,  foodie news, etc.)

And if you'd like to get my La Diva Cucina newsletters, please click HERE to sign up.

So, here is my first post in my new blogging format.

Blackened flank steak salad with sauteed grape tomatoes and garlic, steamed french green beans and feta over mixed greens!  Healthy.  Satisfying.  Low-carb.  DELICIOUS!

Ciao for now, darlings, see you in cyber on Facebook...or Pinterest...where ever...but DO stay in touch and I'll see you back HERE sooner than you think! xoxo