Bow Chicka Bow Bow: Triple Happiness Sticky Finger Chicken Porn Dee-light!

Darling, you like cheeken, yes?  Who don't like cheeken?!  Everybody love dee cheeken!  

Especially this spicy, sticky, finger-lickin', bone-suckin', why-is-there-only-two-wings-in-dis-heah-chicken I just made?!  Day-yum.

Process:  A bunch of freshest, hottest little chiles you can get your hands on, a bunch of peeled nekkid garlic cloves, as much as you can take....and an inch long knob of fresh ginger.  (If you can take more than an inch of ginger, then by all means, darling, DO IT.) Process until well chopped and then add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1/4 cup soy sauce and 1/4 cup fish sauce and process until well blended.  Oooh yeah, it smells soooo good!

Take one whole organic chicken and cut into pieces.  Add chicken and marinade to a zip lock gallon bag, securely seal and then massage chicken pieces to make sure they are thoroughly coated with marinade.   Take your time and DON'T rush, there's NO hurry....can you feel the chicken sliding between your fingers?  Isn't that nice?    

Now, put entire bag in large bowl and refrigerate for two days, turning it over each time you remember to.  Yeah, I said TWO days, so wait for it, no BEG for it....You'll get it when it's ready.

Has it been two days?  Really?  I'm proud that you did what you were told and waited like I told you to, you are a very good little bloggie reader and you shall be aptly rewarded.

Put chicken on rack over foil-lined baking tray, coat rack with cooking spray and make sure each piece of chicken does not touch each other...yet.   Bake in a convection oven at 350 for about 40 minutes, turning half way through.  Bake until each piece is cooked through and the skin is an enticing golden brown.

Get out the towels and plan on a shower after eating this sexy, succulent triple happiness sticky finger chicken porn dee-light!

Serve it up with plain white rice and a cilantro garnish. can also serve it with brown rice, if you swing that way, that is.   If you're feeling more adventurous than "plain ol' vanilla" and like things "muy caliente" then enjoy with a side of sexy, exotic Asian sriracha sauce to make it hot hot hot!    And feel free to call a friend or two over to enjoy...there's plenty for a three way.

Now say THANK YOU, Mistress Diva.

PS:  I'se on holidaze!  Gone to Meecheegan for family and Chitown for friends and fun.  Many adventures are waiting;  see you at the end of June!!!  


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La Diva's Love Affair with the Sweet, Tiny Tomato

Tiny organic tomatoes hitch a ride safely home from La Diva's South Beach garden in a fallen coconut husk.

Darlings!  I just adore tiny tomatoes!  And there is so much choice now, they come as grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, and in vibrant colors including green, purple and PINK!

La Diva never liked any tomatoes at all but eating them freshly cut, salted and then liberally doused with divine, green fruity olive oil after buying them from a roadside farmstand in Michigan, changed all of that.

Don't get me wrong, darlings, La Diva DOES love her full size tomatoes.  But I've bought organic tomatoes that are imported and out of season in Florida that look perfectly red and ripe on the outside only to find them white and mealy on the inside.

So very disappointing.

Unlike the larger varieties, especially the heirlooms, mini tomatoes tend to not get bruised and mushy, retain their shape, flavor and juiciness and will pop pleasantly in your mouth even a week after purchase.

For that reason, I tend to buy a lot of baby tomatoes.  Check out how versatile they are!

Grape tomatoes are a key component with these Mediterranean salad skewers.  Salad on a skewer is picnic perfect!

Another benefit to buying baby tomatoes, is that if they start to shrivel, you can always cook them and they will be just fine!  Pop 'em in a pan to roast, saute them on the stove or put 'em in pasta!

I love roasted baby tomatoes!  Sweet and plump, they are a savory and tasty topping to this fennel gratin with thyme.  More roasted tomato recipes HERE.

Sauteing tomatoes can make for a quick, flavor enhancing addition to a variety of dinners!  Lemony asparagus sits atop a seared mahi mahi filet and wild rice from Wisconsin.

Click HERE for a smoky flank steak and roasted tomato salad with buttermilk dressing recipe!

Don't like the seeds or skin of a gushy little tomato?  Easy peasy, just make a quick tomato and garlic sauce and strain for a silky tomato coulis!
Click HERE for the recipe and method! 

Of course, the obvious way to enjoy baby tomatoes is to simply have them in a salad!  Here's my refreshing green papaya salad, the recipe is HERE.

Why just have tomatoes on the salad when you can have them as dressing for the salad?  Here La Diva has sauteed cherry tomatoes and simply processed them into a puree.   I then emulsified it with extra virgin olive oil, a dash of white Italian vinegar and seasoned simply with salt and pepper.

This dressing is the perfect sauce for grilled chicken, red peppers and zucchini with goat cheese and pine nuts over baby arugula.  The dressing adds piquant flavors with a nod to Italy.

Darlings, do you love little tomatoes?  DO tell me how you like to enjoy them!  Ciao for now!